Elite Course Training Follow-up

Putting all that were taught into practice ‘Real actions = Real results’ over the span of 2 weeks, all participants were invited back for a feedback session as well as a follow-up and sharing by our KEO to enhance their skills further.

elite_followup_1 elite_followup_2 elite_followup_3

LHG Outdoor Training

At LHG, we teach by showing you the ropes, not just theory and classroom lessons. As confucious says: I hear I forget, I See I remember, I DO I understand!


LHG Elite Course

Our Elite Training are specialisation courses that are conducted with low teacher-student ratio thus making it more engaging and allowing more time for practical sessions. As part of the course, it includes the LHG Monthly Meeting with KEO-A Day of updating to keep all our associates abreast of the current and future developements by KEO personally as well as sharing sessions by associates to enhance our competitiveness.


LHG Survival Course

Whole day courses such as our recent Survival course are conducted by our KEO himself (whose illustrious years of continuous HIGH achievement) helped participants to gain different perceptions to everyday Real Estate business.