Corporate Info

LHG is a company dedicated to success at every level and for everybody from our customers, co-brokers and especially our associates. We constantly explore to maintain our position at the cutting-edge and are determined to set the standard in the industry. The words of excellence and commitment expressed goes beyond just the website and actually truly reflect the culture and beliefs of LHG.


To be a Premier Real Estate Agency of choice, of world class standards, recognized for its outstanding results and excellent customer service.


We are committed to provide the top notch quality representation with unparallel standards of excellent service.

To be the 1st choice for our customers, for our associates.

We Strive to:

  1. Groom and nurture highly competent sales associates who will provide only quality services that exceed growing public expectations with outstanding results.
  2. Create a cohesive working environment that ensure the growth of professionalism and a familial spirit with a common purpose.
  3. Build public trust through ethical, caring and prudent behaviour.


Led by our Founder, Mr Lewis Ho, probably the most successful figure in the real estate industry of all time, is well known and highly respected for his long-standing high achievements in the industry. His consistency in his personal sales is astoundingly impressive; the ability to be able to constantly repeating optimum result again and again.

Since 1997 he has handled over $900 millions worth of property transactions, attaining numerous awards and accolades in the highest level of recognition in the real estate industry, both locally and in the Asia-Pacific.

His perennial passion in real estate drives him to share his wealth of experience and fulfil his yearn to benefit many more others who shares his interests.

Despite his outstanding achievements, he remained humble and maintained his space of privacy from the public media.